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Plavi Horizonti nursing home offers 24-hour care, residential and medical.

We provide skilled medical care and monitoring, inclusive of per os and parenteral therapy. On demand, we perform a full array of specialist interventions (assisted tube feeding, stoma care, oxygen therapy, etc).

Along with daily monitoring of vital functions, SUK control, catheter maintenance and diuresis control, the beneficiaries are regularly examined by a medical doctor, specialist in general care, a permanent member of our staff.

Controlled, quality nutrition is adjusted to needs and requirements of our beneficiaries.

The Home’s social worker is engaged on assisting beneficiaries in ensuring their social welfare rights and entitlements. The social worker also helps the day-to- day well being of beneficiaries by facilitating tailor-made social and leisure activities.

The vast courtyard and generous space at disposal at our Home allows beneficiaries who would not separate from their beloved companions – dogs, cats, birds – to keep them in hold here. Too often this is the stated reason for rejecting moving in an assisted environment, in spite of a person’s great need for care.